Co-Founder of inclusive Apparel with a sense of humour. 

Overseeing key areas including graphic design, collection range planning, and lookbook shooting. 

essentials with irony.

Banana with a smile.
Bubble gum tiger print on T-shirt.
Catch the fly print on T-shirt.
Yellow smiley print on black T-shirt.
Yin Yang print on T-shirt.
Strawberry Milk print on T-shirt.
Flower power print on T-shirt.
Brand Value: We use exclusively organic cotton.
Brand Value: We are certified.
Brand Value: We produce responsible.
Happy Me T-shirt print.
Egg love T-shirt print.
Love is never wrong print on T-shirt.

Photo Credits:

Giannis Giannopoulos

Elija Kulmer

Artem Podrez

Betzy Arosemena