Co-Founder of light-hearted creative streetwear.

I was responsible for the strategic direction of the brand. This involved planning collection ranges, overseeing lookbook photo shoots, organizing fashion shows, pop-up stores, and artist collaborations. To ensure the successful execution of these initiatives, I closely collaborated with our manufacturing partners in Italy and Portugal. Leveraging my expertise in brand and project management, I consistently worked towards enhancing the impact and reach of our brand.

HIgh-Street Fashion.

High-street fashion for Gen Z.
Unisex Fashion.
Sportwear inspired fashion.
Material mix Hoodie.
Mesh Shirt with tailored Bermudas.
Camouflage Bomber newly interpreted.
Light Crepe Jacket in turquoise.
Box Shirt in crepe material.
Sporty Zip Dress.
Polkadot ensemble consisting of Polkadot Sweatshirt and Polkadot Shorts.
Camouflage Unisex Jacket combined with a zip Dress.
Light jacket shot at Frankfurter Tor in Berlin.
Tailored Jogging Pants Look.
Casual Bomber Jacket with black tailored Shorts.
Mesh shirt with tailored jogging pants.
Streetwear Unisex Looks.


making of.

Isaac Bonan creating a painting for a fashion collection.
Painting for fashion.
Isaac Bonan painting.
Painting created by Isaac Bonan.
Fashion Collection presented in Swimming Pool.
Fashion Film Video Shooting in Swimming Pool.


lookbook @ zoo berlin.

Elegant sportswear in black.
Flower Bomber Jacket shot in Flower surrounding.
Polkadot Jogger combined with Zip Longsleeve.
Exotic Print on T-shirt.
Blue Jogger Ensemble.
Exotic Print Sweater and offwhite material mix bomber jacket.
Mesh Shirt in offwhite.
Dip Dye Hoodie.
Sequin and Pearl embroidered Bomber Jacket.
Unisex Streetwear Looks shot in the Berlin Zoo.

fashion film.

making of.

House of Lights.
Colourful Lights.
Breakdance and fashion.
Jumping from houses.
Breakdance Dancer smiling.
Dip Dye Hoodie worn by professional Dancer.
Camera screen check.
Fashion Film video shooting in Fitness Studio.

LAUNCH EVENt @ 14 oz

lookbook @ OUR studio.

Pearl embroidered T-shirt worn by young woman smiling.
Polkadot Sweater presented by Tali Quindio.
Close up shot from beautiful Tali Quindio.
Imperfect Fashion Sweatshirt.
Pearl embroidered Unisex Sweatshirt.
Black Tank Top with Polkadot Shorts.

fashion film.

making of.

Polkadot Jogger presented by professional dancer.
Fashion Film Shooting.
Play with Shadows.
Fashion Film Crew for Belans Berlin.
Dancer flying.


Phorography - Philipp Primus

Hair & Make-Up: Vivi To & Tali Quindio