I am a creator, a strategist, a dreamer. 

Both my personal and my professional life are shaped by my main values, which are the guiding principle for everything I do. As a seasoned product management & brand strategy professional in lifestyle brands, I approach every task with precision, light-hearted creativity, and a positive attitude. True to its motto “I have never tried that before, so I am sure that I can do it.” 

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of collaborating on diverse projects and traveling abroad, which has only strengthened my enthusiasm for creating beautiful, eclectic things and embracing unexpected moments. No matter which project I manage, I always try to steer in a direction that can have a positive impact and give back to our community and culture. 

The strategies I develop are built on profound analysis, allowing me to anticipate business evolution and identify untapped opportunities.

I enjoy working in teams – in my experience, combining different thoughts and strands of creativity leads to the most successful results. 

Aside from work, I love to draw nudes with charcoal and pencil, I also enjoy sketching fun graphics, doing sports and discovering new music to calm down my extensive energy.

Anna Zamirowski image capturing in the forest of her childhood.