Education is the key to un- locking the world, a passport to freedom.

[ Oprah Winfrey ]

I dress guided by emotions and well-being, but never influenced by trends. I always wear what I feel like. Every day I try to create something that makes me emotionally stronger.

[ Adwoah Aboah ]

In life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.

[ Marc Chagall ]

beat of life captures.

I draw my energy from my distinct passion for beautiful things, an athletic lifestyle and global travels. The selected photos unite my sense of aesthetics, utmost care and an awareness for details as well as my preference for the interplay between light, shadows and reflections.

The moments have been captured while traveling to islands and to my city of birth Gdansk as well as while visiting exhibitions or spending time in our second home, Greece. Most of the photos are taken by my beloved partner.

Polkadot painting.
Play with light and shadow.
Dalmatiner black and white image.
Abstract Pearls Image.
Feather with Polkadot.
Birkenstock Rick Owens mood image.
White chair with black shadow.
Squared staircase.
Black and white old school TV.
Mona Lisa Davinci Exhibition in Berlin.
Grassland on skyscraper in Rotterdam.
Cactuses from Tenerife.
Hairy cactuses in Tenerife.
Black and white open windows.
Cat sitting on Pizza box.
Office building at Rheinauhafen.
Porto black and white image.
Sparkling light installation.
Flowers on the ceiling.
Illustrative blurry ocean waves in Rhodos.
Illustrative blurry Palm.
Dog and grandma watching out of the window in Gdansk.