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With a passion for fashion, art, and interior design, I thrive on finding harmony in contrasts. I love to balance things out, constantly comparing thesis and antithesis, finding a sweet spot between smart and simple, funky and fine, monochromatic and multicolor, loud design and restrained beauty. As a seasoned product management & brand strategy professional, I drive growth through innovative strategies, collaborating with top designer brands like Dior, Fear of God, Valentino, and more. From strategic collection range planning to financial profitability, my meticulous approach and strong team spirit ensure a positive impact and profitable sales growth. 

Let's create beautiful, eclectic things together and explore new possibilities for your brand.

Cast for Michael Michalsky Fashion Show.


At Zalando I am working for an inspirational leader who supports my personal and professional development at all time. In my team I am driving the strategy for the key accounts of Zalando's Designer brand portfolio to accelerate growth. In the latest restructuring my task is to elaborate and implement the product exclusives' strategy for Designer. 

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At Birkenstock I learned what it means to always stay true to your DNA. No matter what kind of trends are out there, what the competition does or what a partner requests – we always stayed true to what we stand for and were honest in our communication when we talked about values. There was never a compromise when it comes to quality, functionality and comfort. Together with a highly motivated, diverse team I worked on extraordinary collaborations across the entire product lifecycle.

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Belans Berlin was founded by a former design colleague and myself. The project still characterizes my entrepreneurial mindset and "out of the box" thinking. In a small team we designed high-street fashion for men and women that was produced by a family-owned manufacturer in Italy. We aimed for clear, sportswear-inspired silhouettes and high-quality material to be worn by a new generation of urban nomads. The whole project was strongly supported by our friends and artists like Culcha Candela and Stefanie Heinzmann. Our fashion show at Amano Berlin was covered by ProSieben and sponsored by Hard Candy Fitness, a gym chain inspired by Madonna and Neue Wohnkultur, who enabled us to have a pop-up store at Bikini Berlin. 

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ohappy home

After several trips to Greece, I decided to create a second home in the sun – by the sea and in the city center of Thessaloniki –  to have a change in perspective and a project for my second passion: interior design. 

Pure simplicity, elements to reflect light, clear lines, subtle hues combined with timeless and classic pieces define my personal style of interior. 

It is a place open to discover for anyone who appreciates  industrial design and a respective lifestyle.


At Michalsky, I learned to consider the crucial aspects of a product: its lifecycle, critical path and range planning. I realized that I strongly enjoy the product management of fashion. I am very thankful to have worked closely with my former boss and the creative director on various projects – two incredible men full of unstoppable creativity, positive energy, subtle irony and playful humor. They shaped my approach to work. As a team we created beautiful high fashion products and had various collaborations, for example with MCM, Disney, Marriot Hotel, Kappa, Lascana, Afri Cola and artists like Rita Ora, Lady Gaga and Hurts.

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ohappy DESIGN

OHappy Design started when the pandemic hit this planet unexpectedly. We were forced to adapt, to find new perspectives, to figure out what really matters in life. To us at OHAPPY Design, the answer was simple support. We believe in supporting one another – not only family and friends but also society and the environment. That is why we strived to create something both eco-friendly and friendly to the one next to you, by giving him or her a happy moment. 

OHAPPY Design concentrates on supercharged simplicity. Beautiful, organically sourced products designed to elevate your streetwear essentials. At its heart, each piece features an optimistic outlook that brings personality and pleasure to everyday life. It celebrates the joy, quirkiness and reassurance of designs that will be loved long-term as well as the lightness that comes from letting go and living with less.